An introduction

The first is the hardest. How do you just walk up and introduce yourself to the internet?

The first thing we want to say is “Thank you!” This blog is about ongoing school construction work in Washoe County, as is this website as a whole. This work was made possible by voter support with passage of WC-1.

Schools belong to our community, but it’s our job to run them, and maintain them, and make them something the community is proud of. The voter’s commitment to funding our work means that we can dramatically improve school and classroom conditions, and that makes us happy. Again, thank you!

Now, what this blog is about: to show the ongoing work we are doing to make school buildings better. We’ll go over current projects, the long-term plan, and the day-to-day progress.

Right now we have photos, videos, and narrative of describing the first new schools approved, and funded, yet to be built. We also go over some of the mechanics of project approval and process. We also have lists of the specific school repair projects for the next two years – we’ll spend at least $20M per year just on improving existing schools. This repair work is as important to us as the new schools.

Soon we’ll have pictures and video of the work, specific costs as bids and contracts are approved and paid throughout construction, and then more projects as we purchase land to build more new schools. Social media posts, pictures, and videos will provide an even more real-time look at our work.

An important piece of this is you. Tell us what you want to see in functionality, ask us the questions you don’t see already answered in the FAQs. The purpose of this site is to provide you with what you’re personally interested in, which is easier to do if you tell us what that is!