Bud Beasley Elementary School HISTORY

School Name History:
Bud Beasley was born in December, 1919. He was a coach and teacher in the Reno School District and subsequent Washoe County School District for over seventy years.
He began his teaching career at Northside Junior High School after student teaching at Mary S. Doton Elementary School the previous year. He taught at Reno High School from 1936 until 1974. He then taught adaptive physical education to special needs children at several schools until he retired in 1990. Although retired, he continued to teach American government and history courses at Washoe High School. Bud was a talented athlete and played baseball, basketball and football at the University of Nevada. He coached baseball at Reno High School while playing professional baseball in the summer vacation. Bud and his wife cared for dozens of foster children and adopted 17 children. As stated on the school plaque, “Education was his avocation; his former students his greatest joy.” Bud’s hope was that “this school become not a shrine to me, but an opportunity for all who enter herein.” Washoe County School District Board of Trustees:
Robert Bentley Margie Broderick
Daniel Coppa Rusty Crook
Marilyn Fendelander Doranna Goodnight
J. Kay Loudon Robert McQueen
Judith Moss Lezlie Porter
Edward Van Gorder Michael Wright
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
Mary Nebgen
Opening Date: 1995
Architect: Sheehan Van Woert Architects
Contractor: Clark and Sullivan Constructors
Construction Cost: $5,993,000
Square Footage: 61,389
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1995, AL 5995
First Principal: Scott Herthel
Physical Building Description:
Cinder block, single story construction with interior circulation corridors, library, multipurpose room/cafeteria and classrooms for grades K-6.