How will new schools be built and staffed, given the budget deficit?

There are several parts to this answer. First, the money for building and repairing schools (“capital funding”) can only be used for those purposes. It cannot, by law, be used for operating expenses like teacher or school administrator salaries. Second, WCSD is not proposing laying anyone off (this is a common misconception; so we’ll just address […]

How can I be involved?

There are multiple ways for the community to be involved, and we welcome your engagement. We’ll be offering tours of work in progress, requesting community input on rezoning as new schools open, and encourage your feedback at any and all meetings. We’ll be putting more information on our website and social media as we move […]

When will the WC-1 Tax go into effect, and how much will it cost?

The Washoe County Assessor is responsible for implementing the tax, the process of which is underway. Most cash registers across the county must be reprogrammed for the higher sales tax rate, so it takes a little time – we are told that Washoe County hopes to begin implementing the tax in April, 2017 and then […]