Contractor Walk-Through – Damonte Ranch High School Addition, New Middle Schools

Check out these recent, short videos if you want a glimpse of where we are with the building addition to Damonte Ranch High School and the two new middle schools. As part of moving through the process we do contractor walk-throughs, which we did at Damonte Ranch last Wednesday and Depoali last Thursday.

For Damonte Ranch High School addition, the walk-through was really about seeing first-hand where the addition goes on the school. We’re adding two,  two-story additions (22 classrooms total) onto the existing building – adding onto the east and west sides of the building at the, to be exact. Contractors could see some of where the utilities and walls themselves will tie in to the existing building, what kinds of access and site constraints go along with the process, and more. Building will be taking place as students are in class on the rest of the campus which adds an extra dimension to the planning.

Aerial layout view of Damonte Ranch High School Addition

Technical drawing for expansion at Damonte Ranch High School

Depoali Middle School is the general model for our future middle schools in Sun Valley, Spanish Springs, and another in the South Meadows a little further down the line. Contractors walked through to see roughly how their finished product will look, get ideas for ways to save time and/or money, and ask questions. Though Depoali is the model for the new schools, there are some important differences as well, such as where new materials and designs will be used (based on lessons learned and improvements in materials).

Aerial view - approximate size and location new middle school in Sun ValleyAerial view of preliminary site layout for proposed middle school in Sun Valley

In part because of those changes, these schools will be built as Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) projects. This type of contract is useful for new/prototype schools because it involves the contractor working with the architect from the beginning to help make the actual building process more efficient and cost-conscious.

We will likely use this CMAR process for building each of our first new elementary, middle, and high schools. Once those “prototypes” are built we will then look at any lessons we learned, incorporate those back into the plans, and bid the next schools.