Damonte Ranch High School History

School Name History: This high school was named for the development in which it is located. In 1913, Louis Damonte obtained approximately 620 acres from the Peleg Brown ranch in the Steamboat
Valley (southern Truckee Meadows). Beginning in the 1990’s, the Damonte ranch was purchased for residential and commercial development and named Damonte Ranch.
First Graduating Class: 2005
Washoe County School District Board of Trustees:
Dan Carne Marilyn Fendelander
Nancy Hollinger Anne Loring
Galen Mitchell Lezlie Porter
Jonnie Pullman Jody Ruggiero
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
James L. Hager
Opening Date: 2003
Architect: FYSO, Inc. (project managers) using
The Moore Collaborative plans.*
Contractor: Q & D Construction
Construction Cost: $35,409,049
Square Footage: 239,755
Cornerstone Dates: AD 2003, AL 6003
First Principal: Serena Robb
Physical Building Description:
Two-story, cinder block construction with interior circulation corridors, two gymnasiums, a library, a cafeteria, a theater, and lab/shop rooms, in addition to general purpose classrooms. This was the first high school in the District to have artificial turf on the athletic stadium field.

*Note: During the construction of Spanish Springs and North Valleys High Schools
(identical in design to Damonte Ranch High School), Janelle Moore, Principal Architect
for The Moore Collaborative, died. Eric Raecke, an employee of the architectural firm,
founded FYSO, Inc., a project management firm, and managed the completion of DRHS,
the third of the three high schools included in the 1998 Bond Issue.