Dorothy Lemelson S.T.E.M. Academy (formerly Sierra Vista)History

Dorothy Lemelson Academy was once Sierra Vista Elementary School. In 2013 the School was remodeled and open as Dorothy Lemelson S.T.E.M. Academy.

Lemelson Ribbon Cutting August 26, 2013

NOTE: The information below was compiled before the school was remodeled and renamed.

School: Sierra Vista Elementary School
School Name History:
This school was named for the housing development that surrounded it.
Reno School District Board of Trustees:
Lloyd N. Bowen Raymond E. Marks
Glen E. Myers William C. Sanford
Gordon R. Thompson
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
Earl Wooster
Opening Date: 1950 (With additions in 1955 and 1988)
Architect: Edward S. Parsons
Contractor: Walker Boudwin Company
Construction Cost: $110,316
Square Footage: 25,853
Cornerstone Dates: None found
First Principal: Isabelle Moe, Teaching Principal, 1955
Physical Building Description:
The original building was a former military building moved to the site. It is constructed of wooden framing and plaster with interior circulation. Subsequent additions consisted of a cinderblock multi-classroom addition with exterior circulation and a steel and wood modular building with interior circulation.