Edward Van Gorder Elementary School History

School: Edward Van Gorder Elementary School
School Name History:
This school is named in honor of Edward W. Van Gorder (1928-1997), an educator for 44 years. A native of Ithaca, New York, he began his career in 1948 in the Reno School District #10 at B. D. Billinghurst Junior High School. During his 15 years at Billinghurst, he served as teacher, coach and counselor. In 1963 he was appointed Principal of Hunter Lake Elementary School where he served until his retirement in 1984. In 1986 he was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Washoe County School District and served for eight years holding the offices of clerk, vice president and president. Mr. Van Gorder was active in social organizations including the Elks Lodge and Optimist Club as well as the Reno Board of Realtors and the Nevada Association of School
Washoe County School District Board of Trustees:
Robert Bentley Dorothy Dermody
Marilyn Fendelander Nancy Hollinger
Anne Loring Lezlie Porter
Jonnie Pullman
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
James L. Hager
Opening Date: 2000
Architect: Sheehan Van Woert Bigotti Architects
Contractor: American General Development
Construction Cost: $6,038,360
Square Footage: 57,655
Cornerstone Dates: AD 2000, AL 6000
First Principal: Pat Perry
Physical Building Description:
Cinder block single story construction with interior circulation corridors, library, multipurpose room/cafeteria and classrooms for K-6.