New High School at Wildcreek (Procter Hug High School area)

NEW: Full site analysis of all locations considered.

Location: On part of the current Wildcreek Golf Course

Status: Negotiating land acquisition from County, updating Educational Specifications* and performing due diligence (detailed studies of land, traffic, and other engineering). Local governments voted on May 1 to move forward with research, public input, and efforts to make the project a reality. Golf would remain “as-is” on site through Summer 2018. Architects: Cuningham Group and H+K Architects currently finalizing Educational Specifications* Contractor: Clark/Sullivan Construction hired as the pre-construction Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR).

Purpose: Expand and update facility for students in the Procter Hug High School zone. Additional capacity at this new facility will relieve overcrowding at Spanish Springs High School, and the strategic location provides the ability  ability to potentially relieve other high schools as necessary (such as Reed and McQueen high schools).

Wildcreek Project: Info, Update, and FAQ
September 2017
The Washoe County School District (WCSD), with the help of local and national experts, determined more than two years ago that a new high school was needed in the area of Hug High School. The community committee wrote the following language into the explanation of ballot question WC-1: “Build… a Wild Creek Area High School to replace Hug High School; repurpose Hug High School.”

A new high school in this area would satisfy WCSD’s three primary goals with capital spending:
Relieve overcrowding and avoid the possibility of Double Sessions: This new school would be roughly the same size as WCSD’s newest high schools, meaning it would have capacity to take all of Hug High School’s existing students and approximately 1,000 more. This will provide overcrowding relief at Spanish Springs High School. A new high school in a central location provides flexibility to potentially relieve overcrowding as needed from other schools, such as Reed and McQueen high schools.
Update/renovate older schools to provide a safe and equitable learning environment to all students: This provides a brand-new facility for the Hug High School students, staff, and community. Hug High School was built almost 50 years ago, and is in need of comprehensive upgrades.
Offer more career and technical education options for students across the District: As soon as the students are in the new building, the existing Hug High School Campus would be renovated and converted into a new career and technical academy.

Where, How and When? WCSD, with help and input from local and national experts, determined that part of the Wildcreek Golf Course was the best option for the school’s site. This property is owned by Washoe County and the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA). After public votes by all these entities in the Spring of 2017, WCSD began due diligence (detailed studies on soil, water, traffic, utilities, and more) on the site. These studies will be completed in November, and will be used to determine the site’s viability, and what portion of the golf course/property WCSD might then make a formal offer to purchase for building the school.

This school is needed for the 2021/2022 school year, and WCSD is confident it can be built by then, and in time to avoid possible Double Sessions. In order to do that, WCSD must begin site-specific engineering and design in early 2018, so that site work and construction can begin in late 2018. WCSD cannot begin that first step (site engineering) unless it is confident of a final land purchase.

Why Wildcreek? This location was determined to be the best option based on a number of factors including location; costs and time constraints associated with acquiring and developing a site; and the ability to address District’s three main goals (above). WCSD considered a number of sites with the help of industry experts and was scored more than 50 percent better in total over five categories than the next option.

Future of Hug High School: The new career/tech school at this campus is targeted to open in August 2022, and will serve students from across the District. This school would be a unique career/tech campus in Washoe County because it would offer sports, using existing facilities and fields.

Additional Information:

  • The new career/tech academy at Procter Hug’s campus would be in additional to other programs currently offered by WCSD, like AACT.
  • WCSD’s part in this is the building the high school. It will be up to the County, with input from the public and after more research, to determine what other projects will be done at Wildcreek, what the future golf course there looks like. It will be the County that manages these projects and areas.
  • Final names for the new high school at Wildcreek, and the career/tech academy at Procter Hug’s current campus, will be determined by recommendations from the School Naming Committee and ultimately WCSD’s Board of Trustees.
  • Final zoning for the new school will be completed with community input, and through recommendations from the Zoning Advisory Committee. This will be finalized closer to when the new school opens.

Wildcreek Project FAQ
June 20, 2017

What is the Wildcreek Project?
Local agencies are looking into using part of the Wildcreek Golf Course to build a new high school, which is desperately needed to provide students with updated facilities and address overcrowding across the area. This campus would replace the existing Procter Hug High School, which in turn would be renovated and repurposed into a career/tech campus. All the local agencies indicated their desire for the Wildcreek site to continue to offer golf, and other ideas are being explored such as a public park/greenspace.
What is the status of it?
In order to make a formal proposal to buy part of the Wildcreek Golf Course land, the Washoe County School District (WCSD) is doing some “due diligence” work on the property. That includes having outside experts perform traffic analysis, environmental surveying, and soil sampling and testing. This work is minimally disruptive to the land, and will have little or no impact on the golf course or operations.
Does work happening at the site mean the course has been sold? What was the vote that was taken to move forward with this project?
The golf course has not been sold. The vote by the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA), Washoe County, and the school district were simply to allow these “due diligence” studies to move forward. These studies will be used to create a formal proposal for transfer and/or sale of the property. The cities of Reno and Sparks also voted to approve the letter of intent for this work to move forward.
What will the site look like – how much of the golf course will remain, where will the high school be, how will traffic be addressed, etc.?
These studies will be used to help determine all that. The “site-plan” picture on our website and featured in the news is a draft of the concept that was used to help the community begin to visualize the project, and not at all a final master plan. The results of the studies will guide all the entities involved in creating a final proposal, which will be presented and discussed at future public meetings.
What is the timeframe for all of this?
The studies will be done over the coming weeks and months. If a proposal makes sense and the high school construction project moves forward, major work on the site would likely not begin until the Winter of 2018, meaning the 27 hole golf course would stay in operation as-is at least through the 2018 golf season. On that schedule, the school could open in August of 2021. Timelines for other potential projects depend on what other uses the community identifies, led by Washoe County, through various public input opportunities in the coming months. The repurposing of the existing Procter Hug High School campus would begin as soon as school ends in June of 2021, with the target of reopening the school one school year later (August 2022).

Wildcreek_Project Conceptual Design Map

*Educational Specifications or “Ed Specs” are created with stakeholder and community input, and define the broad concepts and building needs that guide the architectural drawings for specific schools.