How much do new schools cost?

We estimate that costs will be $23 million for an elementary school, $55 million for a middle school, and $110 million for a high school.

These estimates were developed with community and expert input. They are based on how much schools in Washoe County have cost in the past, what regional costs are to build schools in Nevada and in the surrounding states, and analysis of unique factors to Washoe County such as seismic codes, snow loads, and the need for materials that can withstand huge temperature variations day-to-day and season-to-season.

Our estimates cover the entire cost of the entire process from when it becomes clear that a new school is needed all the way through to having students in class. This all-inclusive nature is different than cost estimates (or actual cost) numbers that other districts use, which may only include the cost of construction itself. WCSD believes our estimate to be the most honest and transparent, as it encompasses the entirety of the project, including land cost and water rights, planning and design by District project managers, architect fees, and permitting, all the way through to the purchase of supplies like lunch tables and books.