Kate M. Smith History

School: Kate M. Smith Elementary School
School Name History:
This school is named in honor of Kate Smith, a high school teacher at Robert Mitchell School from 1907 to 1915. She moved to Sparks High School when it opened teaching English, Latin, literature and history. She also started the school debating society. In 1915 she left Sparks and moved to the University of California, Berkeley to teach Latin. The original school building was opened in 1924 and torn down in 1972. The current cinder block building opened in 1963.


Washoe County School District Board of Trustees:
Brent Abbott Vern Cartwright
Lloyd Diedrichsen William O’Brien, III
Edward Pine Edward C. Reed
Frank Stokes
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
Procter R. Hug, Sr.
Opening Date: 1963
Architect: DeLongchamps & O’Brien
Contractor: Hardesty and Son
Construction Cost: $204,115
Square Footage: 12,892
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1963, AL 5963
First Principal: Katherine Dunn
Physical Building Description:
Cinder block, single story construction with exterior circulation and a modular multiclassroom addition.