Picture of new high school at Wildcreek master plan

New high school at Wildcreek, Procter Hug repurposing

We’re really excited about the forward progress of a new high school at Wildcreek, and the future career/tech academy at the Procter Hug campus. If you haven’t seen the news, here’s one of many good news stories on the whole thing. This school would really hit all the high notes of what we promised with WC-1: new schools to relieve overcrowding, updates/upgrades to older schools, and additional career/tech options to go along with AACT, TMCC, and the Signature Academies.

As stated in the article, on Monday our local governments took but the first step to move forward with the project. As stated in the article, on Monday our local governments took but the first step to move forward with the project. The project is not without opposition, either, and problems to work through. The next actions will be taken by the RSCVA and the County Commission. The entire County Commission, and all of the members of the RSCVA who were at the meeting, voted in favor of moving forward with looking at how we can work out the details. If you’re as happy as we are that they voted to take this important step, it wouldn’t hurt to let your County Commissioner know, or any member of the RSCVA. This page tells you who your commissioner is, and here is the list of RSCVA board members.

There are a number of questions we have heard about this project, including those from elected leaders. Some answers we have, some are being investigated, and some require public input going forward to finalize. This site and the related Twitter and Facebook pages have the answers that we have right now, and you’ll be hearing a lot more about this from us in the coming months and hopefully years. Here are just a few top pieces of information that answer the most common questions:

The Wildcreek Project proposal includes:

  • A brand new, larger high school facility for the neighborhoods currently served by Procter Hug High School, and room for ~1,000 additional students beyond that, which will open in August 2021;
  • Overcrowding relief for Spanish Springs High School, and possibly other high schools in Reno/Sparks (through rezoning – apply to be on the committee!);
  • Career and Technical Academy at Procter Hug’s current location open in August 2022;
  • Washoe County is committed to retaining golf on the site with some updates/changes in 2019 (course to operate “as-is” through 2018); and,
  • The County is also exploring other community-use projects on the site, like a community center, natatorium (Olympic-sized pool), pre-kindergarten center, and more.