Procter R. Hug High School History

Procter Hug, for whom this school was named, was a teacher and coach at Sparks High School from 1927-1932 and was vice principal from 1932-1937. He became Superintendent of Sparks schools from 1937-1956 and became Assistant Superintendent of Washoe County School District in 1956. He served as Superintendent of Washoe County Schools from 1959-1966. In 1966 he was elected to the State Senate. For 38 years he was an outstanding Nevada educator and dedicated his career to public service.
First Graduating Class: 1970
Washoe County School District Board of Trustees:
Elizabeth B. Cassard Lloyd Diedrichsen
Ernest M. Johnson H. Elizabeth Lenz
William A. O’Brien III Edward L. Pine
Edward C. Reed, Jr. Frank C. Stokes
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
Marvin E. Picollo .

Opening Date: 1969
Architect: Ferris& Erskine, A.I.A.
Contractor: Walker Boudwin Construction Co./McKenzie Construction, Inc.
(A joint venture)
Cost: $4,246,927
Square Footage: 223,967
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1968, AL 5968
First Principal: Buddy Garfinkle
Physical Building Description:
A campus plan with multiple single story, cinder block buildings with both exterior covered walkways between buildings and interior hallways within each building. The facility has two gymnasiums, a theater, a library, a cafeteria, and lab/shop rooms, in addition to general purpose classrooms.