Robert Mitchell Elementary School History

School Name History:
The original Robert Mitchell School was built in 1905 in Sparks on land donated by
Colonel N.C. Prater. The school was named in 1924 for Robert Mitchell, who in 1912
became principal of the Grammar School, which was the original name of the school
built in 1905. Mr. Mitchell died three months after being named principal from
pneumonia at the age of 43. The school built in 1905 was demolished in 1937 and rebuilt
in 1938. The new school retained the name of Robert Mitchell.
Sparks School District Board of Trustees:
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
Proctor Hug, Sr.
Opening Date: 1938 (Rebuilt school)
Architect: Frederic J. Delongchamps
Contractor: J.C. Dillard and Sons
Construction Cost: Unknown
Square Footage: 34,290
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1938, AL 5938
First Principal: Al Seeliger
Louis Mendive was principal in 1956 when the school became part of the Washoe County School District.

Physical Building Description:
Red brick, single story construction on a raised foundation with interior circulation corridors and a full theater.