Westergard Elementary School History

School Name History:
George Westergard, a native Nevadan, was a dedicated educator for 30 years. He began
his career as a teacher and taught in both Lyon and Washoe counties for a total of 12
years. Mr. Westergard went on to serve as an elementary school principal for the next 18
years. After retirement he remained active in education at both the local and state levels.
Mr. Westergard was an exemplary administrator and a kind man. He was known as “a
man to match our mountains” by both the students and the teachers whose lives he


Washoe County School District Board of Trustees:
Bill H. Bowden Kevin R. Christensen
Doranna D. Goodnight Douglas R. Hill
Robert E. Kirchner J. Kay Loudon
Virginia S. Palmer Edward Van Gorder
Robert G. Whittemore Michael A. Wright
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
Marvin Moss
Opening Date: 1989
Architect: Sheehan Van Woert Architects
Contractor: Clark & Sullivan Contractors
Construction Cost: $3,482,000
Square Footage: 49,271
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1989, AL 5989
First Principal: Robert Oliphant
Physical Building Description:
Cinder block, single story construction with interior circulation corridors.