Zoning and Naming

REZONING: Click here to see current school zones, rezoning approved to begin in 2019-20, and additional recommendations proposed by our Zoning Advisory Committee that will soon be brought to our Board of Trustees for approval. This map is not yet optimized for mobile; it will work best on a desktop or laptop.

Watch this video to understand more about how rezoning will work:

Some new school zones, like those for and related to the new Nick Poulakidas Elementary School in south Reno, do not have final recommendations from the committee yet and therefore do not appear in the map.


New School
School Type
Naming Status
Community input Links

South Reno,

Veterans & South Meadows


Elementary School


Officially Named Nick Poulakidas Elementary School


2019-2020 School Year

Spanish Springs,

David Allen pkwy


Middle School


Officially Named Sky Ranch Middle School.


2019-2020 School Year

Sun Valley

Donatello Dr.

Middle School Officially names Desert Skies Middle School
 2019-2020 School year

Read below about the process of naming a school, including guidelines for names that will be considered. We will be opening name submissions for other new schools soon – stay tuned!

School Naming Committee

This committee will recommend names for all upcoming schools to WCSD’s Board of Trustees.

Mission Statement

As a committee to the Board of Trustees, the function of the School Naming Committee is to select and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees proposed names of new schools and, when appropriate, the renaming of an existing school . Naming and renaming efforts shall be conducted as a cooperative effort between the District, the involved school(s) and the community. The District will take advantage of every opportunity to involve the community in applicable phases of the naming process.


  • Stacy Gomez
  • Frank Perez
  • Mercedes De La Garza
  • Carly Lott
  • Clyyne Cook
  • Lisa Genasci
  • Joe Gabica
  • Alyson Castro
  • Jennifer Hampton
  • Renee Cantu
  • Sara Moreno
  • Composition

    The voting membership of the School Naming Committee consists of eleven (11) voting members as follows

    1. One (1) District representative, selected by the Superintendent;
    2. Seven (7) parents/guardians or members of the community: one (1) each from Trustee districts A, B, C, D E, F, and G;
    3. One (1) student from a District high school; and
    4. Two (2) at-large members from any of the above categories.