Opening Date: 1992
Architect: Dolven Simpson Associates
Contractor: United Construction Company
Construction Cost: $15,053,138
Square Footage: 219,902
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1992, AL 5992
First Principal: Jaculine Jones
Physical Building Description:
Single-story with a combination cinder block and precast concrete panel construction. It has interior circulation corridors, a courtyard (also used for circulation), two gymnasiums, a theater, a library, a cafeteria, and lab/shop rooms, in addition to general purpose classrooms.

  • Galena High School History - This school is geographically named for the original town of Galena established in 1860 west of the school site. The town was a center for mining and logging and had a population of 400. It had a one room school that was destroyed in a fire in 1867. A second school was constructed in 1908 […]