McQueen From Robb Drive parking lot.

Opening Date: 1982
Architect: Dolven Larson Daniels
Contractor: McKenzie Construction Inc.
Construction Cost: $10,330,500
Square Footage: 192,250
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1982, AL 5982
First Principal: John Flynn
Physical Building Description:
Single story with a combination cinder block and precast concrete panel construction. The building has interior circulation corridors, a courtyard (also used for circulation), two gymnasiums, a.

  • Robert McQueen High School History - This school was named in honor of Dr. Robert McQueen, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada Reno, who served as a Washoe County School Board Trustee from 1969-1986. He served as a member, clerk, vice-president and as president of the Board. The school site was donated by Robert J. Beaumont. First Graduating […]