Peavine Elementary School Front Entry.

Opening Date: 1955
Architect: Vhay & Grow
Contractor: Frank Capriotti
Construction Cost: $14,313
Square Footage: 27,789
Cornerstone Dates: AD 1958, AL 5958
First Principal: Buddy Garfinkle
Physical Building Description:
Cinder block, single story construction with multiple classroom buildings and exterior circulation.

  • Peavine Elementary School History - School Name History: This school was named for the housing development surrounding it and its proximity to Peavine Mountain. Reno School District Board of Trustees: Robert A. Drake Glen E. Myers Silas E. Ross, Jr. William C. Sanford Gordon R. Thompson Washoe County School District Board of Trustees: Earl Avansino James F. Burke Archie W. […]