Sparks High School

Sparks High School building from front of building.

Opening Date: 1951
Architect: DeLongchamps & O’Brien
Contractor: Wine Construction Company
Construction Cost: $786,934
Square Footage: 167,373
Cornerstone Dates: None found
First Principal: Edwin (Tip) Whitehead
Physical Building Description:
A two-story, red brick building which was constructed in multiple, add-on phases. It has interior circulation corridors, two gymnasiums, a theater, a library, and lab/shop rooms, in addition to general purpose classrooms.


  • Sparks High School History - The school is named for the city in which it is located. The City of Sparks is named after former Nevada Governor John Sparks. Sparks High School was first housed in the basement of Robert Mitchell School (the predecessor to the current Robert Mitchell Elementary School) from 1909 – 1918. The first Sparks High School […]