Picture of new high school at Wildcreek master plan

New high school at Wildcreek, Procter Hug repurposing

We’re really excited about the forward progress of a new high school at Wildcreek, and the future career/tech academy at the Procter Hug campus. If you haven’t seen the news, here’s one of many good news stories on the whole thing. This school would really hit all the high notes of what we promised with […]

How will new schools be built and staffed, given the budget deficit?

There are several parts to this answer. First, the money for building and repairing schools (“capital funding”) can only be used for those purposes. It cannot, by law, be used for operating expenses like teacher or school administrator salaries. Second, WCSD is not proposing laying anyone off (this is a common misconception; so we’ll just address […]