Stage and set-up prior to groundbreaking for new Sky Ranch Middle School in Spanish Springs

Twas the Night Before Construction

Twas the Night Before Construction

As we head into this holiday season
Our buildings are festive and decked
Within reason

As children head off for their winter vacation
We’re prepping our tools for repairs, renovations
Alarms, electronics, and work on our roofs
Which must meet high standards to hold reindeer hoofs

Our presents this year, there’s expanding Damonte
A new middle school under construction: Sun Valley,
One for Spanish Springs, element’ry for south Reno
(You can’t spell or pronounce Poulakidas, we know)
Over twenty mil done in repairs ‘cross the district
And we have not even talked about HS Wildcreek yet

To relieve overcrowding in Spanish Spring High School
New space for Hug students, new tech and new tools
Then Hug’s current buildings get a brand new beginning
More career and tech options, let’s hashtag it “winning”

And so many presents for older schools, too.
Wooster and Dilworth with new boiler systems
Roofing all done at Verdi and Smithridge
Massive renovations called revitalizations
Gave complete overhauls to Picollo and Natchez
New floors at McQueen, a new classroom at Loder
Many more fixes at schools one and ‘nother
We could just tell but we’ll show if you’re willing
To browse through our Facebook and website, WCSDbuilding

Then listen for the sounds of the hammer’s tap tap
As you snuggle away for your long winter’s nap
Raise a mug of chocolate to tradesmen all freezing
To build us these presents, and repairs so appealing

Yes we know it seems strange to hear lack of funding
For staff and supplies and benefits medical
And in the next line about all that we’re building
We cry in the night “it’s operations, not capital!”

While there are other challenges facing our system
We do have to thank the community’s wisdom
For voting to fund these projects, and then some
To relieve overcrowding and the old schools, to fix ‘em

As our children leave for break and we turn out the lights
Happy Holidays to all, and to all, a good night.

People gather at dirt pile for ceremonial photo op at the groundbreaking ceremony for new Sky Ranch Middle School in Spanish Springs