Veterans S.T.E.M. ACADEMY History

School: Veterans Memorial Elementary School (Now Veterans S.T.E.M.)

School Name History: This architecturally unique school was built for the children of World War II servicemen
who lived in the surrounding neighborhood in houses built for the veterans. The school
was dedicated to the former students of the Reno public schools in grateful recognition of
their service to our country during World War II.
Reno School District Board of Trustees: ( Note WCSD was not formed until 1955 following an act of the Nevada Legislature.)
Lloyd N. Bowen Charles H. Burke, Jr.
Raymond E. Marks Glen E. Myers
Chester A. Paterson William C. Sanford
Gordon R. Thompson
Superintendent of Schools at time of construction:
Earl Wooster
Opening Date: 1949
Architect: Russell Mills
Contractor: Walker Boudwin Construction Company
Construction Cost: $378,095
Square Footage: 36,220
Cornerstone Dates: None found
First Principal: Robert Paille
Physical Building Description:
Formed concrete single story construction with interior circulation corridors. Two subsequent additions were single story, cinder block, multiple classroom buildings with short interior hallways and exterior doors to the classrooms.