What is the plan for building and repairing schools?

Over the next 9 years, we will complete the following:
• Significantly increase school repairs and renovations
• Build 3 new high schools, plus an expansion of Damonte Ranch High School
• Build 3 new middle schools
• Build 9 new elementary schools
• Eliminate oldest portable/mobile classrooms

First, we will spend at least $20 million per year on repairs and renovations across the District, plus another $50 million in renovations and expansions of our oldest schools. We are already moving forward on the expansion of Damonte Ranch High School; our goal is to have it open during the next school year, 2017-18. We also have a new elementary school coming to the south meadows, which we hope to open in December, 2018.

The next group of projects include middle schools in Sun Valley, Spanish Springs, and south Reno. We’ll build a new, larger high school in the Procter Hug High School zone which will provide an updated facility for students and staff and the additional capacity will help relieve overcrowding elsewhere. These projects are in the planning and land acquisition phase.

We’re also planning to build new high schools in the Cold Springs and Donner Springs areas, and eight more elementary schools across the District, with the next one likely in the Spanish Springs area.

Once the new high school is open in the Procter Hug High School zone, the current campus will be repurposed, likely into a technical or specialty school. We will also purchase the few properties around Sparks High School in order to eventually expand that campus. An expansion of O’Brien Middle School is also in the long term plan.