When will the WC-1 Tax go into effect, and how much will it cost?

The Washoe County Assessor is responsible for implementing the tax, the process of which is underway. Most cash registers across the county must be reprogrammed for the higher sales tax rate, so it takes a little time – we are told that Washoe County hopes to begin implementing the tax in April, 2017 and then WCSD would receive the first payment in June or July. Once we have that first payment we may begin selling bonds on future payments. Those bonds (and some “pay as you go” funding) are estimated to bring in $781 million over the next nine years for WCSD’s capital fund – the bank account we can use only for school construction and repairs.

The tax increase is .54%, meaning that a $100 purchase will cost 54 cents more. Most groceries are exempt from sales tax, as are prescription medications. Experts outside of WCSD have estimated that the tax will cost the average family of four making median income approximately $8 per month.